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All major Morningstar fixed-income fund categories fell in 2022's first quarter as interest rates soared. The Federal Reserve officially raised short-term interest rates by 25 basis points in March for the first time since December 2018, after hinting it would do so for several months. The Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index, a proxy for the U.S. bond market, fell 6.1%--its worst quarter in almost 40 years--while the average intermediate core bond Morningstar Category fund lost slightly less: 5.9%.



After the worst bond market rout in decades Vanguard reminds us why it is not time to bail on bonds.



As the 2 and 10 Year Treasury spreads close in on inversion Schwab's Chief Investment Stratagist Liz Ann Sonders gives some additional context to this reliable predictor of recessions.



After a long period of outperformance in Growth vs Value and Domestic vs International/Emerging Markets Morningstar reminds us why it is important to rebalance to reduce portfolio risk.